Pick a Peck of Pretty Purses

Last week I attended a very fun party, a purse party at 1154 Lill. A great little concept where there are a number of different purse designs and you pick from what must be over a hundred different fabrics to make the chosen bag design uniquely yours. Embracing this idea fully, I made two bags. (One was really small, so it hardly counts.)
On the way home (maybe I was trying to address pangs of guilty buyer's remorse?) I thought about how many handbags I already have. Before bringing these new little ones home, I'd have to throw a few old ladies "off the island." For purses, this means the Salvation Army.
I began by laying all of my purses out on our guest bed. Jason walked in, surveyed the scene and slowly drawled, "Jiiiimiiinnny...." A comment that reveals the lil' bit of folksiness of people from Ohio. I think the last time I heard this colloquialism I was watching the Dukes of Hazard. (It's cute. Jason also says "holy cow" from time to time.)
But back to the handbags at hand, I also bought another purse from Banana Republic this weekend, so the urgency of handbag elimination grew. (Please note I funded this purchase with a spot bonus from work, so it's like it was free!)
I'm happy to report that I identified _twice_ as many purses for donation as the number coming into our home. There were a few that were embarrasingly early 90s in style. Even worse I think I had purchased them in the mid-90s.
With the old girls gone...oooh wait, does this give me license for 3 additional NEW purses??? Not if I know what's good for me.
But I do want one of these handbag hangers. Why not maintain the bags worthy of keeping in good condition? (And, um, maybe create space for some...more?)
In which case, I'd need this room (in my Imelda Marcos dreams, I know.) Other, maybe more realistic ideas, courtesy apartmenttherapy chicago.


Andra Sue said...

Oh my goodness, I seriously cannot imagine what would be better than a purse party...except maybe a shoe AND purse party!!!

I will commence wishing one of these stores comes to Dallas very, very soon. :)

Jean Therapy said...

I think it completely gives you reason for three new purses!


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