Postcard from the Recent Past

Memorial Day weekend, remember that? Seems like a while ago already, considering I'm finishing my second week of work after the holiday. (The first holiday day off of the year, I might add. That seems ridiculous, why do we have to wait for nearly half of the year to go by before we get one measly day off? I think it's a corporate HR conspiracy. They know we haven't planned our vacations yet, and will hoard our vacation days for Thanksgiving and Christmas... but ultimately might never get our plans together to spend all those paid days off when the end of the year takes us by surprise. So they win and we can't carryover vacation. Corporate America, why can't we be more like Europe?)
We were delighted to host our siblings for Memorial Day weekend, Jason's brother and my sister, Juliet. Although there was a persistent rain on the day we set out for our architecture cruise and walking around Millenium Park, and then Jason's brother missed dinner, it was fun. (Right, guys?) I was happy to show my sister where we live, and even take her and Hugh to Chicago's Memorial Day parade. (Totally unplanned, but fortiutious.) I missed seeing my mayor go by on a float because I'd ducked into Borders to buy a map. Darn it.
On the sunnier Sunday we visited Frank Lloyd Wright's home and studio and walked around super-bucolic Oak Park. I mean it was really adorable: a little kid riding his first two wheeler down the street, followed by his mom calling out her encouragement; a bunny rabbit hopping out from the flowery hedge; oh, and there were peonies too.


Jean Therapy said...

Random thought but Juliet hasn't aged at all. She looks the same as I remember her from High School and that's a really good thing. Good genes!


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