Rant for Hire

Phillyist features a rant that I have been dying to write, but instead have been still too fuming about its points to take a deep breathe and tap it out on a computer. It's about ignorant commuters. The folks who put their bag down next to them on the seat even when the train is rush-hour, sweaty-summer, crowded. And the other people who don't pay attention to when their stop is coming and then try to barrel down the aisle to the doors with little regard for their other passengers limbs and bags. The irritation may be peculiar to us urban dwellers, but the annoyance is pretty universal. Even though I'd call him a country mouse when we first moved to Chicago, Jason is getting his edgy commuter vibe revving now that he commutes to the Loop. His idea to address the ignorant commuter is to issue stickers, kind of like parking tickets to them, bringing the selfish behavior to their attention. I tell him my intervention: if I see someone with a bag next to them as the train is getting crowded I'll make a beeline to their bench and I ask politely if I may have the seat, even if there are another few empty ones around. Thus rewarding the polite people (those who put their bags on their laps or the floor) with maybe a longer ride with some more space around them, and crowding up to the ignorant.



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