Write Back Soon!

Sometimes I click over to my own blog, hoping that there will be a new post to read. I don't know why, clearly I am the only author so unless I've learned how to blog while sleepwalking, I'm going to be disappointed.
The past couple of days have been a flurry of planning, and therefore less writing.

Planning for two quite major events in my life, both of which seem to have come upon me a little suddenly. #1. The aformentioned trip Down Under. #2. We're getting married.
Both of these activities have drawn me to the same conclusion: you really can find anything on the internet these days. I've pretty much planned our entire wedding online. (I did even find the groom online, after all.) So when it's one 'run-away to Hawaii' wedding that piques my interest, I can pretty much click "Add to Shopping Cart" and we are set.
Readers: it is the small party for many of you that will require more attention, and is therefore slated for May or June next year. Don't worry, we'll have pictures of the Hawaiian lei exchange that marks our solemn commitment. (And maybe the giggles at the enjoyable cheesiness of it too.)
Now I just need to figure out where in Sydney I can get a picture of myself and a koala bear! Perfect to match me and the penguins from Antarctica and me and the camel from Africa. So back to planning and less writing.


Andra Sue said...

My MSN horoscope from today:

Virgo August 23 - September 21
Contact with friends who have traveled widely could have you hankering to pack up and take the first plane to a distant place that you've always wanted to visit. At the very least, dear Virgo, you'll probably want to make plans for a vacation. If you're traveling to a foreign country, you may want to take a stab at learning the language. Actually, this is a good time to study a foreign tongue, as your mind is particularly sharp.

If only I COULD plan a trip. Oh well, I will live vicariously through YOU!!! :)

Jean Therapy said...

the notion of just adding a trip or a vacation to a shopping cart on-line and that's it is really blowing my mind. Did you do this? Wow, that's really kinda cool. What can't get bought on-line these days? I mean really, there is nothing that isn't up for grabs is there?

Yay for wedding planning and yay for pics of you with a koala bear!


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