Does our City Clerk have a sense of humor?

Chicago city law requires that if you have a car registered in the city, you have a Chicago City Sticker. It's not a parking sticker, like might be demanded in certain neighborhoods of Philadelphia, and it's in addition to your state registration.
City stickers can be purchased online from the City Clerk or at many of the check cashing places across the city. Since our neighborhood has one of those almost every three blocks, the purchase was pretty convenient for me! I must confess I'd never been to a check cashing place before so it was kind of like a new cultural experience, but sad to see how much they skim off the top of people's checks before cashing.
With the purchase of my second city sticker, marking the start of our second year here in Chicago, I wondered if the City Clerk doesn't have an ironic sense of humor.
Last year's car sticker featured an illustration of... the el. Was this a reminder that before you get in your car to consider taking public transportation instead? The designs are winners in a competition between city high school students.
The 2007 sticker winner which we apply to the windshields of our gas guzzlers is a picture of the earth with a rainbow arching above, with the declaration "Green Scene Chicago." This isn't a reflection of the color that the river turns on St. Patrick's Day, but a way of promoting Chicago's efforts to become the nation's most environmentally friendly city. (Might as well have the earth with a little bubble above it saying, "You're killing me slooowly! Help.") Unfortunately, this mission means that in addition to paying $80 for the sticker promoting the campaign, we also pay the highest prices in the nation for gas. Our environmental rules demand a unique mix of gas. Yay, Green Scene Chicago?



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