I Had No Idea...

...You can sprinkle salt on your watermelon. It apparently brings out the taste. This is not good news though, because I think my genes predispose me to high blood pressure. Dad used to eat NO SALT potato chips. (What's the point?!) But salt intensifies the taste of everything, so I'm always regretful when I hear that there's yet another thing that tastes better with salt.
The juicy smack of a watermelon is so tasty in the summer. After playing three games of tennis the other evening in the 90 degree weather, the watermelons stacked in the roadside truck, selling for $3.50 a piece - $4 on the 4th of July - looked so appealing. And I know that saying "roadside" makes you picture a cute little rural scene, but this truck is right on the side of the busy main street of our urban neighborhood. (And for the record, the new racquet helped Jason beat me in 3 games straight. I blame the heat. But tonight I beat him 2-0.)
This Watermelon Mint Raspberry Salad looks amazing, by the way. |I stumbled upon it while looking for a watermelon photo to decorate this post. With fresh mint growing on my back deck, I think it might be a good idea. Now, would I salt the watermelon first??

From Williams-Sonoma Starters cookbook:

Watermelon Raspberry Mint Salad

4 cups (about 2 lbs) of seeded and cubed watermelon
1/3 c minced fresh mint
3 c fresh raspberries
1 Tbsp honey
2 tsp lime juice

Divide the watermelon cubes in a large bowl and sprinkle with minced mint. Top with raspberries and sprinkle with remaining mint. In a small bowl, mix honey and lime juice with a fork and drizzle over the melon and berries.

Refrigerate for ~30 minutes.


Jean Therapy said...

Mmm salt on watermelon. I salt pretty much everything and watermelon gets salted and sometimes chile powdered as well.

With that recipe I wouldn't salt the melon. Maybe a bit at the end? But I don't think the salad will need it.

And I so hear you on the urban watermelon situation. Mine come from the big bin in the ghetto Shaw grocery store behind my apartment.

Andra Sue said...

I love salt! And the cravings after a long workout can get totally insane. Never tried in on watermelon, though. Hmmmm...I think I will have to!

Let us know if you try the salad--it looks awesome. I've also got mint growing in the backyard and have yet to find a use for it. Well, aside from random sniffing.


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