I'm not sure if it's jetlag and my fuzzy computing skills that result, or just that it is infuriating to try to use Flickr only to discover that they cap your free photo uploads, but I feel like I've spent all day trying to get my darn photos from Australia organized. There are only *150*, what could take so long??
At long last, they are here on Kodak Gallery. (I'm done with Flickr! At least for now.)
You'll see the many pictures of the Opera House, as well as the wallabies I met (I recently learned that wallaby is really just the name for any animal that doesn't already have a name, looks like a kangaroo, but isn't actually big enough to be kangaroo. That's what Wikipedia says.)
You'll also see my free group photo from the Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb. (I am second from the left in the back row.) Over 1,000 steps and you're standing on top of the Harbor Bridge. It sounds way more dare-devil than it felt. It's nowhere near as risky as bungee jumping or jumping out of an airplane. Although the climb staff have fun with you, explaining that the hooks on the back of the standard issue climbing suit are for your parachute. The chain with large ball at the end is to club the aggressive wild koalas, and the cushy lunch pail-sized pack attached to your belt is a sleeping bag, just in case the team has to stay up on the bridge. (They are just jokes: the hooks are to tie your cap onto, the chain and ball locks onto the climbing line along the bridge, and the pack is just a fleece for how chilly you get after 2 hours on a bridge!) The view was extraordinary, with the Blue Mountains on one side and the Pacific on the other. My guide was like the Australian version of my brother-in-law, Hugh, which made the experience quite familiar, although not so much that I asked him what his plans were for Christmas. The Bridge Climb was my Sydney finale, as I hustled out of the gift shop and down the block to a taxi stand to get to the airport (picking up my luggage at the hotel along the way - chagrined that the front desk staff couldn't find the key to the luggage room while my taxi meter ticked away...) At the top of the bridge I considered that getting your hair windswept by the gusts of the Sydney Harbor wasn't the best thinking for a good travel hair day, but then reasoned that I did have my hoodie to wear, and Jason might be so happy to see me that the hair would be an afterthought. He was. And I was happy to see him, be home in my own bed, and quite satisfied today with my decision to take a day off for jetlag.
I am dreading the alarm clock tomorrow morning.


stewarte said...

Hi Claire,

Welcome back!!! It looks like you packed a lot of fun activities into your short time down under. I'm super impressed that you got all of those photos posted and labeled already, and I agree about Flickr-- super annoying that they have such a small upload limit--- I was trying to use Flickr yesterday.

I'm proud of you for doing the bridge tour, too. It might not be as daring as bungee jumping, but I think it takes a lot of nerve to be willing to climb around that high above the water--- I was too chicken to do it when I was there!

Claire said...

Yeah, I was looking down through the grate walkway, through my feet, at the water below thinking, "Cool!" An afterthought ocurred to me, "Oh, I guess I'm not really afraid of heights."

Jean Therapy said...

My favorite picture had to be you as a flower! I love the expression on your face, very cute!

Thanks for your comments on my blog. My email is leckelberger@mac.com and feel free to use it at anytime.


PS...loved seeing the pics of James and his girl too. He's gotten better looking as he's gotten older!


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