I didn't want to leave you staring at cats for a week while I'm in Australia. (Although I know at least one reader won't notice -ahem, Abby- since she'll be wrapped up with the new Harry Potter.)
Since I *am* here for work I'm may or may not have as much time for blogging. And I also forgot the little cord that connects my camera to my laptop, and I don't even know how (and if) my camera connects to my work laptop so... here's a nice stock photo to hold you over for a little while. When I get home I'll do the Flickr photostream of the trip to Sydney.
I had a window seat on my incoming flight, and did see the Opera House lit up in the dark early morning hours. But so far all I've done is landed, spent fifteen groggy minutes trying to figure out how to turn on the lights in my room*, taken a little nap and showered. I'm about to head out for the "expose yourself to sunshine and maybe your body will figure out what time it's supposed to be" walk. Jet lag sucks.

*Turns out I'm in a "green" room that requires your room key slide into a little slot by the front door to activate the lights of the room. This is clever, but its good intentions are not best appreciated when you're so freaking tired that not even normal things make sense.


abby said...

Glad to hear you made it. No worries about me; I finished the book about an hour ago (4pm EST).


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