Report from Sydney Day 1

Turns out my Blackberry cord connects my camera to my laptop. I love multifunctional electronics. Since I have to prep for my breakfast meeting, I'll keep this kind of short.
Yesterday afternoon, figuring that you can't fall asleep if you're walking, I took a long walk up through Sydney's Hyde Park, Royal Botanical Gardens and to the Opera House.
I had read that there are many carnivorous bats hanging from the trees in the Botanical Garden and was frankly, a little disappointed not to see any. I think that since it was approaching dusk they had already started their evening's roving... looking for blood to suck, no doubt.
Photos below are from my wandering into the Anzac War Memorial in Hyde Park, dedicated to the soldiers of New South Wales who have died in battle since WWI. The evocative statue in the center shows the soldier's body borne up on a shield towards the heavens, held by four figures: his mother, his sister, his wife and his child.



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