Sydney Snaps

A few photos from my wanderings in Sydney are here for sharing. With just a few days of leisure here before I go back I have been on the move from morning to evening.
I left Sydney on Thursday for a day excursion to the nearby Blue Mountains. It was an ambitious tour with many stops along the way, which unfortunately found me and my co-worker, Clay, (who tagged along) wondering why we had left the hours inside of hotel conference rooms and the convention center to spend so much time trapped in a tour bus. It was even funnier when we arrived in the mountains and we were hustled from enclosed bus to the pod of the cable car which took us down to the rainforest floor. God forbid we actually touch any of the Australian wild that we'd come to see!
But I did get to touch both native koalas and a kangaroo. Kangaroos are super soft to the touch, but maybe not in their behavior. In the wildlife park, a gaggle of Japanese tourists began to squeal excitedly when one of the kangaroos took a little hop. This got him more excited so he began hopping all over the place, and I looked up to see him careening right towards me. I figured the best thing to do was to stand still and he'd hop around me. Nope, he hopped right up and into me! I saw him coming but was frozen in curiosity, "what's going to happen next?" His little paws came down right on one of my crossed arms and we briefly looked into each others' eyes, probably with shared surprise. He bounced right off of me and to another corner of the park. I remained standing, but a little baffled. One of the keepers approached me and Clay and, in very Law & Order style, asked me if I could identify the kangaroo that assaulted me. (Kidding, she just pointed to the still bouncing kangaroo and said, "Is that the one causing trouble?")
We later had confirmation of my natural affinity with kangaroos when we ended the day in a park where wild kangaroos roam. (The afternoon also wrapped with glasses of champagne, see photo below of me searching the Australian plains for 'roos in high-end safari style.) Across the field and trees we saw a little kangaroo. Other tourists had gathered at a distance taking their snapshots. As we walked to look closer the kangaroo raised his head, appeared to catch sight of us. Clay said, "Uh-oh Claire, I think he's coming for you too." Sure enough he started off in our direction. This time though he hopped on by to see another larger kangaroo behind us. But apparently, with their natural interest in being close to me, I am the Diane Fossey of the 'roos.


Jean Therapy said...

I love it! I love that the 'roos lov you. Thanks for sharing the pics. You are so adorable. I especially like the picture of you with the glass in your hand. I imagine that you're saying, "Oye Vey!".

Andra Sue said...

Such Australian cuteness! I simply cannot stand it. TOO. CUTE. TOO FUZZY.

How smooshy was the koala? Come on, give it up. Softer than a chinchilla, right?

Claire said...

Koala was super soft, but the Kangaroo was actually softer! Much closer to chinchilla.

Andra Sue said...

Interesting, very interesting. I would have pegged kangaroo fur to feel more like a labrador retriever. Hmmmm.


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