To Do (Another Day)

Saturday morning I pondered my "To Do" list: gym, grocery store, Salvation Army drop-off, bank, apply new City Sticker to car, and while at it, car wash (desperate priority.)
However, we are enjoying the most absolutely perfect weather this weekend in Chicago. Bright and sunny, without being hot. Cool and breezy without being chilly. I made it to the gym, but that was about the only item on the to do list that was checked off yesterday. (You may wonder, like my neighbors, why I chose to do the one activity that was probably the most portable to the outdoors. The answer is that I don't have a bike or roller blades for outdoor enjoyment and when I run outside the skin on my legs gets super annoyed and itchy from chafing of shorts. I haven't yet figured out the answer to this dilemma, except to go to the gym and just make sure I'm on a machine near the windows. Although one of my neighbors offered that I may borrow her bike in future, so this may be good.)
When my other neighbors offered that I join them in their outing to the Garfield Park Conservatory, the To Do list was quickly left abandoned on the kitchen counter.
Garfield Park is within the city of Chicago, which you are reminded by the El rumbling by above you, and looking across the grassy lawn to see a freight train making its own journey on rails bordering the other side of the garden. The drive also takes you through the characteristic streets of Chicago, with red lights, city buses cutting you off, and the remarkable number of Mexican restaurants. One review of the Conseratory notes that it is in "one of the city's most challenging neighborhoods," a reflection borne out by the number of vacant lots we drove by. This reminded me of Bartram's Gardens in Philadelphia. I'm not exactly sure what drives this phenomenon.
Once at the Conservatory, I was most interested not in the plants (although the fern house was impressively mossy, very Lord of The Rings) but in the exhibit Niki in the Garden. Enormous mosaic statues by sculptor Niki de Saint Phalle glittering in the sunshine. (Doesn't the last one look a little like a koala?)

We'll see how much of the To Do list is addressed today. It's not looking promising, it's sunny and gorgeous again.


Andra Sue said...

I can help you with the chafing shorts thing, if you're interested. Just email me. :-)


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