We are Not So Bad

We are so often vilified.
Yes, on the occasional winter evening we shoot our neighbor over the parking space dug out from the snow and reserved with lawn furniture.
Or, just this holiday, we send patient children home announcing 4th of July fireworks have been canceled, only to shoot the display off a few minutes later. As Jason's favorite site, Fark, put it:
What kind of city would cancel their fireworks, then start shooting them off 30 minutes later after 90% of the crowd left? If you guessed Philly, you get to toss a snowball at Santa.

Even Tommy LaSorda has a tale to tell of evil perpetrated by the Phillie Fanatic. (Weird, he appears to bear quite a grudge... against a big green -entirely goofy and lovable, in my opinion- muppet.)

But I would like to offer a rebuttal, witnessed just yesterday in Denver. When fierce winds and storms whipped the tarp covering the baseball field where the Rockies were playing the Phillies up and into the air, tossing grown men a reported ten feet in the air, the Phillies bench cleared with players running to the rescue of prostrate and desperately helpless groundsmen. We are SAINTS! (Or at least just two confirmed miracles away from it, according to the Denver Post.) Watch it and your heart will swell.

And just one Denver player came out from their dugout to offer his help. Geez, how insensitive!

And by the way, that 1968 Santa thought it was funny that we threw snowballs at him.



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