What Does 50 Degrees Feel Like?

{Editor's Note} Looking at my google analytics, this is the most frequent search term that lands people on my little blog. For you, I offer the answer to the question I was asking before my trip to Australia. 50 degrees is that truly in-between tempurature. But it's perfect for long pants, long or short sleeves, and a handy fleece or light jacket for the evenings.

I'm packing for the big trip to the 7th continent. It's around 50 degrees in Sydney this time of year. However, it's been 90 degrees in Chicago lately making any cooler temperature impossible to fathom. To make it more confusing, I remind myself that while July is the height of our summer, it's the depth of the Aussie winter. For my day trip to the Blue Mountains, I've read that it may even snow. But cashmere sweaters and fleece in July? It feels so wrong, but they go into the suitcase regardless. Not to mention that every mental picture I have of Australia features sunshine (and lifeguards with those funny little caps.)
And 50 degrees is such the debatable tempurature anyway. Is that cold? Is it warm?
I am delighted to be packing in my new Samsonite Spinner suitcase though, I shall feel like I can dance through the airport. Me = Ginger, suitcase = Fred Astaire. With four wheels, the suitcase goes forward, backwards and side to side. Or as in the Samsonite commercial, I am a sophisticated world traveler, with a near James-Bond-like advance through airports and world markets. Yeah, that's me. ;)

But it also means an added chore for Saturday: taking my old suitcases to the Salvation Army.


Ellyn said...

The new suitcase looks very cool. Have a great time on your trip! I hope the cooler temperatures provide a nice break from the current heat.

abby said...

what? no tumi?

Jean Therapy said...

Have a great time Claire!!! I can't wait to hear about the land down under.

Andra Sue said...

Have a great trip! Bring us back a koala...surely you will have room in that big suitcase. :)

@seemasugandh said...

so what does 50 degrees feel like? should i pack a jacket? thnx :-)

Claire said...

Light jacket and maybe cardigans, yes - especially for the evenings! I think that's what I went with.


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