You Heard It Here First

Sort of, I mean, I think you already knew that cats were cute. (You guys are smart, no?) But TIME magazine has finally caught up with this blog and published an article on the LOL cats.
But being professionals in this business, they express the LOL Cat phenonmenon so much better:
These home-made cartoons seem to lift the veil on a truth that we all quietly suspected anyway: cats are small, childish, sentient beings, mischievous and innocent at the same time.

If you haven't checked it out yet, you really must catch up to the rest of popular culture and check out!


Andra Sue said...

Okay, sadly enough, I WAS JUST LOOKING AT THAT SITE THIS MORNING. God, I waste so much time. And I don't even like cats. :(

Jean Therapy said...

I'm not down with I can has a cheeseburger. What the hell is that about? I think the pictures and the site is cute but I can't condone consistently awful grammar. It really bothers me. Iz isn't a word!!! Oye vey!

Claire said...

It's how cats talk: recognizing they don't know how to spell or have ever spent a day in fourth grade grammar class. ^. .^


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