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Reading this article in the NYT about another business I patronize, Netflix, made me feel a little better after yesterday's woesome post. They have a call center... in the US... where real people answer the phone! I think if I called and a real person answered, I'd think I'd dialed the wrong number. But at Netflix, pleasant Portland, Oregon-based operators answer the phone. A Netflix exec interviewed by the NYT commented:
There’s an operational language in the industry that people are so jaded about — phrases like ‘due to high caller volume.’ We’re very consciously trying to counter that mentality.”

Hey, he's right. What kind of customer service is it to blame the customers themselves for the wait? Have you ever heard the recording suggest that you try calling back at a time when there's less call volume?
And I HATE it when you're on hold and they suggest you visit the website. Give me some credit that I might have thought of that.
And my last post reminded me of the Christmas gift from future sister-in-law, Courtney: The Blue Pages - A Dictionary of Companies Rated by Their Politics and Practices. Netflix: 72% of their political contributions went to Democrats, 28% to Republicans.
Sadly, some of what you learn from this book is that companies might not be principled but just practical. #1 fashion corporate contributer to Democrats? The Gap. But wait, #3 fashion corporate contributer to Republicans? That'd also be The Gap. And now that I'm working inside the corporate world I suspect that the heavily promoted employee PAC's might not be attributed to the company itself, but they're certainly supporting the corporate cause. Politics can be so tricky.

Sadly, yesterday's post was true - only 4% of Urban Outfitters' contributions go to the Dems.
But if I needed more reasons to find myself in Tiffany's, 100% of their contributions go to Democrats. All right, they only gave $2,000 in 2003-4. But $2,000 sure could buy something nice in that little blue box.

It's a little funny to flip through and see companies which lean so far left or right and wonder at their preference, especially compared to what you might have thought. The Republicans had you convinced that they owned patriotism, but all-American brands Tommy Hilfiger and Polo Ralph Lauren are all Democrat.

And Andra-Sue, Ann Taylor is safe whichever way you vote, they make no contributions.


Jean Therapy said...

Even more reason to shop at Jean Therapy. Our contributions go to my two pet causes these days: cancer and HIV/AIDS awareness/research.

Andra Sue said...

Perfect, thanks for the heads-up. I might also add that I got a pair of lovely white cropped pants today at ATL for all of...$3.88!!! What a nice surprise, as I thought they were $39 when I took them up to the register. All the more reason to keep shopping there. :)

Claire said...

Ooooh, I love it when they move the decimal point over like that. I picked up a $10 sweater at Old Navy this weekend. But at Old Navy you expect that stuff, not at ATL. Nice work.


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