A Busy Day

While waiting for the shuttle to pick me up and take me to the train station, I find myself in the first calm moment of my day. I realize it's been a very busy day.
A busy day is when I never remember to put on lipstick.
A busy day is when I realize sitting on the bench at the end of the day that I never used my lint brush to pick up the white cat hair on my black pants that I had noticed at 7 am this morning.
And I forgot to eat breakfast.
And it wasn't until 3 pm that I found time to go to the bathroom (and realized I'd forgotten the lipstick.)
And whenever someone begins by saying, "I sent you an email, did you see it?" And I have to bite my lip and answer, "Ummm, probably not," and nonchalantly brush it off with a friendly, "What's up?"
A really busy day, but thankfully not today, is also when I have to race down to the cafeteria and beg a cooling burger off of the workers try to clean up for the end of the lunch period.
For dinner, I don't think of what we'll eat until I step aboard the train home. Oh shoot, nothing defrosted.
How do people with children do it? Because the possibly best part of a busy day is coming home and doing pretty much nothing at all.


Jean Therapy said...

Amen sister. When I get home sometimes I like to just walk into my bedroom and flop down face first on my bed and listen to...silence.

I have no clue how people with kids cope. Earmuffs?

Andra Sue said...

No idea here, which is why I have no kiddos. Maybe they sacrifice sleep?


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