Desktop Diva

It's not rocket science, but, for me, a fancy computer desktop can be the launching pad for at least amused productivity. (Minus the time that I spend browsing for the perfect desktop to suit my mood.)
The folks I work with have two kinds of computer desktops: Microsoft solid color (system default) or their kid/cat/dog. And whenever someone quits out of powerpoint after a presentation while their laptop is still hooked up to the projector a chorus of "aaahhhs" is prompted as the child/cat/dog is now 8 feet tall and twelve feet wide above our heads. Work can be so predictable.
So when my co-workers see my desktop they are often confused or seek some explanation for why I've got something pretty, illustrative or even artistic (!) on my laptop. Searching for some kind of logical explanation for the heart desktop I had a few weeks ago my co-worker asked if Jason had designed it for me. I chuckled, as the most artistic thing I've ever seen from Jason is the demonstration of how the P in his last name can be made to look like Snoopy. (Something to remember when I change my last name after our wedding.)
But with the encyclopedic internet at your fingertips, there is no excuse for a drab desktop. (And with cheap scanners and Photoshop, no excuse for tiling the kiddie's school portrait 15 times, but we'll fight our battles one at a time.)
Please decorate your desktop with any one of my top recommendations:
- Pixel Girl - Home of the Rainbow above
- Flickr Desktop Pool - Because 9 out of 10 people are a better photographer than me! Check out my springtime desktop of these potted irises. *sigh, where did spring and summer go??*
- Meomi I just saw this one, it's like Sanrio, but with manatees and sea otters. Pretty cute, if you're in the mood.
And a crazy long list of desktop art is here, if you can't be satisfied at first blush. But even my devotion to desktops hasn't taken me that deep...yet.



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