The Five Shopping Senses

Do your greatest thoughts come to you at moments where your hands, eyes and other capabilities are focused elsewhere? Like on washing your hair in the shower, or driving the car down the highway, getting ready to honk the horn at that pickup that keeps on creeping into your lane? Driving yesterday I ironically had a thought about the shower. Our shampoo specifically. And who buys it, and why.

I had a nostalgic moment the other evening when I saw my favorite old shampoo on the shelf at Target. I don't use this shampoo anymore. Somewhere along the way in our cohabitation (it happened without much announcement or disruption) Jason and I began using the same shampoo. But seeing its big salon-like bottle brought the orangecreamsicle scent of my old shampoo back immediately. And the feel of the big goopy weight of a dollop of it in my hand.

The senses that drive my shopping mind are mostly touch and scent. It's been pointed out by Jason that I can't shop without touching. Wandering through clothing store aisles I will stop and pull the arm of a sweater up from its peers, "Oooo, feel this. So soft!" It was the touch of some fluffy cozy socks that prompted me to buy two pairs for snuggling my tootsies into on winter nights. Jason took one look at my pink muppet-fur-like socks and remarked, "Does my Grandmother know you have her socks?" While I didn't care so much how they looked, overwhelmed by the gentleness of the yarn, Jason found my socks abhorrent.

My observation is that Jason shops by sight. (There's a sweeping generalization to be made about men here. Like the wicked comment "that men prefer beauty over brains because they know they can see better than they can think.") But some of these fellas might just play dumb. Jason was smart enough to realize that after we moved in, the best way to avoid his hair smelling like an orange creamsicle was to take over the shampoo purchases. He choose the sleek and newly redesigned Dove Shampoo Bottle. Dark blue and shaped like a little space pod. R2D2 might use this shampoo. Jason does, and now, so do I.
I just wish it smelled like coconut. Maybe gardenia? Midnight Jasmine?
Post-script: I just noticed the irony that the shampoo I used as a single girl, living alone, and shopping by her own selfish scent-whims, is called "Self Absorbed."


Andra Sue said...

Eeeeeew. Drugstore shampoo? What is Jason THINKING? That stuff is capable of stripping floorwax. And why is he opposed to his hair smelling like oranges, I wonder?

I've been using the Bedhead Tigi stuff in your picture for at least 5 years and love it. Got Mike hooked on some mint-scented stuff from Aveda, too. Muahahhahahha.

p.s. have those same socks in pink and purple. No shame!!! :)


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