Flipping Crazy

How much would you pay for flip flops?
I am typically a sucker for the J. Crew sales where you get two pairs for $15 in silly J. Crew colors like Lapis or Mango.
Jason found himself in need of new flippers after I complained for the 20-zillionth time that his old flip flops were harboring odors from his college days. Much to my surprise one day he tossed them in the trash. Ironically when this auspicious, long-awaited moment arrived it was me who ran to the trash can. Looking down at the cast-aside footwear sitting at the bottom of the can, now nestled between dinner leftovers and old magazines, and I urgently asked, "But are you sure? You love those flip-flops. Really?" It seemed like such a whim, would it be something that he blamed me for later, with angry regret? I just wasn't prepared for it. I thought there would be some separation anxiety, some mourning.
No, he meant it.
To be helpful, I started a little search on my favorite shoe shopping site, Zappos.com. Two surprising things confronted me in the men's flip flop/thongs section:
1. There are nearly 700 different types of men's flip flops on Zappos.
2. When sorting by price, lowest first, the starting price was ~$40.
3. The highest price: $403.95.

Guess which flip flop is the $400 shoe, which one is $200, and which one is the $40 choice. (And guess which one Jason will never get. Poor barefooted boy.)
Answers in the comments section.


Claire said...

Top to bottom: $200, $40, $400.


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