Hello, Officer. Hello, ...Kitty?

This story from the NYT of how the do-good power of Hello Kitty is even keeping police officers in Bangkok in line. If they come to work late or park in the wrong parking spot, they wear the Hello Kitty armband. Shame!
Is there anything Kitty can't do?


Jason said...

Can I expect similar punishment when you're mad at me?

Claire said...

Oooh, good idea.
But then there's the possibility that when you're mad at me, I'd have to wear a Brutus Buckeye Head
Let's just call a mutual non-aggression pact, k?

Jean Therapy said...

I think nothing says I'm going to kick your ass quite like Hello. I think she's quite the little stud muffin so I don't see the disgrace in wearing such an armband!

Andra Sue said...

The Hello Kitty is all powerful. 'Nuff said.

And I agree with Leah. I have a sparkly HK sticker on my bike, that shouts "kick ass" quite loudly to other riders. Heh.


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