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Unlike last spring when I thought that I was strong enough to fight a cold on my feet, this time I took a sick day. I hate colds. It's ironic that after coming to work at a pharmaceutical company, I've taken more sick days than ever before. Only about 1 per year, but I think I went two years without a real sick day before. Working hard for everyone else's health might be hurting my own?
I was super frustrated to discover that Advil Cold & Sinus which was perfectly addressing my symptoms isn't on the shelves of my local drugstore or grocery store. And it wasn't even behind the pharmacy counters either. (Not that I was going to manufacture meth with it anyway. The Methamphetamine Precursor Control Act (MPCA) is in effect in Chicago (and the rest of Illinois). To buy cold medicines that can be used to make methamphetamine you have to show ID and sign a log. And a consumer may buy no more than two packages of these remedies in a single transaction and no more than one convenience package in a 24-hour period. I hate that consumers can't be trusted with simple cold medicine. Having to show my driver's license and sign a sheet every time I want to fix a sniffly nose is really irritating -- or maybe it's just that they ask me to submit to this little routine when I am already tired, sick and irritated.) It's possible I've complained about this before on my blog... and it's still annoying.
After a day of water, ginseng tea with honey and lemon, and the Project Runway Season 1 Marathon, I hope to feel better tomorrow.


Andra Sue said...

Feel better soon!!!

I sure hope I didn't catch any germs by visiting your blog. :(

Hee hee.

Jean Therapy said...

Rest rest rest! Sometimes that's all one needs. I hope you get better soon pretty lady!


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