Jetlag Recovery

Did my life just stop being exciting when I accomplished the 7-Continent Quest? Nothing more to write about?
No, but I was beaten by jetlag all week long. I was cranky, tired, snippy. At work, the things that might just annoy me usually sent me into impatient rants. I found myself scolding others and just getting plain ANGRY. Ornery, aggravated, terrible, and horrid: that has been me this week. It's been an interesting week of self-discovery for Claire. Wow, this is what I'm like when I am both stressed (over 300 unread e-mails to catch up on from being away, where the internet connection was like 1990s dial-up) and exhausted.
I alternated between nights where I was so tired that I fell asleep on the couch, to nights where I lay in bed at 1:30 am wondering if it might just be more effective to get up and clean the kitchen. One night I got out of bed, thinking that a glass of wine might help. I sat in the living room, discovering that the wine was too old and tasted of grape juice and watched the cat wander the room. "So this is what he does when we're asleep," I thought to myself. I got up and threw the wine down the sink. Back to bed to try to fall asleep again. I remembered that counting backwards is supposed to be effective, engaging your brain so that you don't stay awake thinking, and mundane and sufficiently monotonous that you might find yourself losing track and slipping into sleep. I started at 89 and got down to 0, I started again at 100 and again found myself at 0, still awake. Then 200.
I am hoping that this weekend has helped. I slept until a wonderful, comfortable 11 am this morning. (Of course, I've spent most of the weekend on those work e-mails.) Let's see what time I'm falling asleep tonight. Maybe it's over?
Jet lag sucks.


Andra Sue said...

That picture? It scares me. But it does seem to be an effective representation of jetlag and crankiness. :)

Claire said...

That picture is the one that Jason feels sums me up whenever I'm angry, pouty and cranky. I wish it weren't true, but that's kinda me. :p


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