Like I Need Another Reason

Like I need another reason pushing me closer to becoming a card-carrying member of the ACLU: This wacky story about a man detained by TSA for his t-shirt with arabic lettering. From Wonkette:
The shirt did also have English characters under the Arabic script (it says “We will not be silent” — no, but you certainly will be delayed),

Confirming that I might indeed be the pinko commie that Jason is oft to suggest I am. (You can't get out of Oberlin without turning a little pink, like the white t-shirts that got into the laundry with a bright red sock, it rubs off on all of us alums.)
I know that there's always the chance that he could be a bad person, and that everyone in Guantanamo does belong there. But I also wondered if there was a chance the Saddam had WMD, as I stood around a park in Philadelphia for a candelight anti-war vigil. Glad I listened to my heart on that one, since we know how that story ended. (Although the doubts might suggest I'm not really that pink.)
It was funny to realize that it was my friend James who I'd gone to that anti-war vigil with, when we both lived in Philadelphia. Now I live in Chicago and he lives in New Zealand, and years later we were sitting in a cafe in Sydney, wondering how it is that the war is still going on.
That is my political statement for the month.


abby said...

Was that a hint that you want those socks for your birthday? Wheredja find the picture?

Jean Therapy said...

I would also be a card carrying member of the ACLU but I seem to recall them supporting some really strange organizations in the past, like the gun lobby. Perhaps Charles Heston is a member of the ACLU.

Claire said...

Abby, I googled "red sock" and found myself here. They are kinda cute, aren't they? But that wasn't a hint... unless you're bored. ;)


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