Oh I Get It (Tagging)

I didn't get what Andra Sue was up to on her blog, until friend Leah followed suit with this little game via blog.

Jobs I’ve Held

- Babysitter
- "Paralegal" - helped my dad write up some stuff for a legal case he was consulting on
- And if that counts, "Landscaper" for raking leaves for $1 per bag
- "Small business owner" - I made scrunchies and sold them at the school store.
- Horse drawn carriage driver/tour guide (You can lead a horse to water and make him drink. Just hold a carrot under the - water. They go in for the carrot, but as soon as their nose hits the water they realize they're thirsty just like you thought they should be after a day's work.)
- Box office agent & usher
- Residential Counsellor (RC - commonly know as RA)
- Advertising Account Exec, Training Supervisor, Senior Acct Exec, Acct Supervisor...
- Marketing (Product Manager)

Movies I Can Watch Over & Over

- Not many to name here, I used to watch Babe
when I was in a grumpy mood. "That'll do, pig. That'll do," still makes my heart well a little.
- Amelie

My Guilty Pleasures

- Taking the late train to work (known to everyone else as "the regular train")
- Staying up late at home on the weekends
- Taking my time getting ready on weekend mornings
- Law & Order
- French fries
- Purses & shoes
- Sanrio
- thesuperficial.com (Like reading the grocery store tabloids, on your couch.)
- Hearing people who have planned a big, elaborate, expensive wedding tell me that they wish they'd done what me and Jason are doing for ours

Places I Have Lived (in order)
- Philadelphia, PA
- Guilford, England
- Tokyo, Japan
- London, England
- Columbus, OH
- Chicago, IL

Shows I Enjoy
- America's Next Top Model
- Brothers & Sisters
- Big Love
- Entourage
- House
- Now
- Washington Week
- This Week
- The Real Estate Pros (formerly Flip This House)

Places I Have Been on Vacation
- All 7 continents :) (ok, I know that's getting as boastful and annoying as Andra pointing out how skinny and in shape she is. So jealous sometimes. You're not allowed to call yourself a non-athletic chick anymore, girlie.)
- Most recently: San Diego
- Although most of vacation time over the past two years has been dedicated to going home to Philadelphia or going to weddings (Toronto, Catskills...)

Favorite Foods

- Indian
- Sourdough bread
- Cookies & Cream Ice Cream
- Caramel
- Good steak
- NY style pizza (big floppy slices you can fold)

Websites I Visit Daily

Cute Overload
Yarn and Cocktails
I've Landed
Jean Therapy
Google (always something to look up)
Corporate homepage

Body Parts I Have Injured
- Fractured wrist (5th grade kickball accident, compounded by fall at the roller skating party)

Awards You’ve Won
- William Penn Award (for the sixth grader most exemplifying the ideals of William Penn)
- Handbell Award (5th and 6th grade!)
- 7th grade: Middle School logo design award winner
- 9th grade: Social Studies, Spanish, Citizenship Awards
- 10th grade: National Honor Society, Spanish, Social Studies, Psychology, Citizenship and Student Council Awards (I swept!)
-National Merit Scholar Honorable Mention
- I won a free trip to a "Young Business People of Tomorrow Conference" in college - got to meet Richard Branson.
- American Association of Advertising Agencies Team Competition Award
- A few more work awards

Nicknames You’ve Been Called
The whole point of the name "Claire" is that it's very hard to nickname, this was an intentional choice by my mother, Patricia...or Trish, or Pat,... or Patty, or Patsy.
Nevertheless, there has been:
- Giggle Bug
- Claireperson
- Clairebear
- Backpack (a work nickname for the big backpack I carried on biz trips)
- Tuffy (So dubbed by Jason'cuz I'm from the streets of "the ill-a-delph" and he's from bucolic Columbus)

Pick 5 Other Bloggers
Since Andra and Leah have already participated... there's Abby!
And maybe Aaron & Paula's garden will play too.
James updates his blog like every millenium, so who knows about him? And he's not the type for these reindeer games.


Andra Sue said...

Hey, if we can't boast about random junk on our blogs, where CAN we do it? Although honestly, mine was more in the category of sheer amazement, which has already faded back into consumption of cheez-its.

And I'm still sad that you're like 6 continents up on me. :(

p.s. Awesome tip on the horse...I'll have to remember that if I am ever riding a thirsty horse. Hee hee!

stewarte said...

hey claire-- I have an addition to your places you've lived list...you lived in oberlin, ohio for four years, too!


Claire said...

How could I forget? My dual-citizenship in O-H-I-O: Oberlin and later, Columbus.
And who better to remind me, roomie. :)


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