Things I Wish I Hadn't Learned

What?! Urban Outfitters supports Rick Santorum? How is this possible? World spinning. The founder of UO (and its sister, Anthropologie) has given over $13k to Rick Santorum's campaigns. Santorum being a senator I loathed so much I continued to write opposition letters to him even after I'd moved out of state. This news story was published way back in 2003 and I was shopping in blissful ignorance for so long. Well, I guess it's a good thing I'm aging out of the UO demographic anyway.But this is just like when I learned that Domino's Pizza supported pro-lifers.
Darn it, I don't know how principled you can be expected to be these days. Maybe making my next car a hybrid will balance the pizza and shopping out? (I like the one Kermit drives.) And I did install a few fluorescent light bulbs in our apartment.


Jean Therapy said...

This is why I'll never carry any Free People brand clothing in my store. It's also owned by UO and Anthro. Ugh, evil. And it's not even like the founders of UO gave a personal check to the bastard, it was a company check to his campaign.

Hey I've become an AIM freak so let me know if you AIM at all and I'll add you to my buddy list. Remember when that use to be our thing, "buddy"?


Andra Sue said...

I can't say I've ever bought anything at UO or Anthropologie. None of that crap even fits me. And I don't think I've eaten Domino's pizza since 8th grade. Whew! Hee hee.

Now, on the other hand, if I find out REI and Ann Taylor Loft have been contributing to some right-wing anti-abortion nutcase, I'm going to be in serious trouble. :(


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