Your Feet Will Look Like River Barges

There are some comments, and they mostly come from our mothers, that stick in your head and they never leave.
My proof is the sentiment that originated with the grandmother I never met, was passed to my mother, and now echoes in my head, reflecting on the ballet-slipper-like style of shoe. The slipper style is popular these days, so I hear the cacaphony of this platitude ringing in my ears all the time: "That style will make your feet look too wide. They'll look like river barges." I remember that the first time I heard this I was so young that I had to ask what a river barge was.
Seeing this photo of celebrity (at least sort of) Anne Hathaway, I realized that it's true. And thankfully it's not just my feet that look abnormally broad in this shoe style.

I don't know if this piece of advice entirely counts as a "momily." (Those typical Mom sayings like "it'll never get well if you pick at it" or "Wear clean underwear in case you're in a car accident.") But it's sage advice nonetheless. Who else would tell you something so frank, except your mother?
I just try to wear this type of shoe with a long pant leg. I can't help it, I'm still in love with the idea that I might have pixie cute feet.


Jean Therapy said...

eeegawds, Anne's shoes and bag do not match her outfit at all!! I'm not concerned over the size of her feet as much as I'm worried about her abilities to color coordinate. Whoah! It's a good thing Anne is adorable beyond belief!

But it might be time to call in megabitch stylist Rachel Zoe to help out little Anne.

Andra Sue said...

I agree with Leah. Atrocious color choices. :(

And I do like ballet flats, but they tend to make all my pants too long...ah, the perils of being a shortie...

Anonymous said...

I disagree,
it seems as if she is matching her shoes with her bag.

Doesn't that work???



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