Good Thing I Got New Luggage

Barely had my heels cooled from the trip to Australia, but now:
This is Spain's headiest city, where the reveling lasts long into the night and life is seized with the teeth and both hands. Strangers quickly become friends, passion blooms in an instant, and visitors are swiftly addicted to the city's charms.
- Lonely Planet - MADRID

I am going to Madrid next month! Another conference! This either means that good work pays off, or it's all about keeping a current passport on hand. I tried to send one of the guys that works for me but my boss said I should go. The conference will be high profile for our team...and the guy's passport had also expired in February.
This is one of Claire's life maxims: Always have an up-to-date passport.
And work hard too, of course.


Andra Sue said...

Cripes, woman! I only ever get to go boring places like Santa Monica and Atlanta. :(

Is your company hiring???


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