Happy Day

Do you ever feel more loved than on your birthday?
For me it's almost embarrassing all of the people who remember my birthday. While I graciously accept their best wishes, in the back of my head I wonder, "When is her birthday? Did I remember it this year?" Every time I wander through a card store or enter Target where the greeting card aisle truly "greets" you, I ask myself, "Whose birthday is this month??" Sometimes I remember, sometimes I don't. Sometimes I remember, but then ask myself, "But wait, do I exchange cards with her?" All the more reason to be kind and giving to people everyday, for no particular reason, since they might be more congenial when you lapse on their birthday. (Abby. Hope you liked that yarn from Australia!)
At work, as the only member of the team born in September (which seems surprising) it's my name that takes up the entire top of the monthly cake. I think for May the birthday cake had "Dawn, Todd, Bill, Susan and Shelly" all squeezed on top in tight icing script. There were the jokes of this being my 25th birthday, to which I replied, "Yes! My car insurance will finally go down! I can't wait. (I switched to Geico - haha.)" I never replied with my true age. Not for shame of being too old, but since both of the men who work for me are also older, I am cautious about having ageism discredit me, if archaic sexism hasn't already. Maybe that's paranoid. But I figure, don't give them an inch... or a year.
For our official celebration, Jason and I will be going to see the Blue Man Group next weekend. Like President's Day, the birthday is officially honored on another day, in this case the weekend between our birthdays. Why not extend the celebration?


Jean Therapy said...

Happy Birthday!! Cake in the office, yay!!

I hope you had a great day and a really awesome weekend too!

Andra Sue said...

Gah! Love that hamster. Happy birthday, girlie! Hope you had an awesome weekend filled with sugary goodness. :)


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