I (Heart) NY - and So Does My Tummy

Chicago is home of the deep dish, can of tomato sauce, half a wheel of cheese, pizza. But sometimes I really want that floppy, thin and soft NY style pizza. Olive oil drippy on top, sliced like a pie, and it folds in your hand. And one slice is bigger than your hand (or your iPod.)
But in the Midwest there's an entirely different take on thin crust. Cracker thin crust. And despite the pizza being a big circle, the slices are little squares. This can be appreciated for its own taste, but nothing gets me more than when this style of pizza is advertised as NY-style pizza. Just because it's thin, doesn't mean it's NY style. Tonight we went on a little wild goose chase to find this neighborhood pizza place that was billed as one of best in Chicago, particularly for NY-style pizza. (And it was in *our* fledgling little neighborhood no less!)
I clasped the warm cardboard pizza box closed on my lap so that it'd stay warm until we arrived home, so I was dismayed to see little square slices as I lifted the top of the box up. NO. THIS. IS. NOT. THE. PIZZA. I. WANTED.
ARGh. This is the second time this has happened to me. Seek out a special place for a flavor of great East Coast pizza, and get these darn little cracker squares.
The last time I had a decent slice was at the S'barro at LaGuardia. And that's just ridiculous.

Don't get me started on how much I also miss doughy warm bagels. (But I have never found anything that compares to the warm brown bags full of bagels Dad would wake up and get early in the morning in Philadelphia...from a store called Brooklyn Bagels.)


Andra Sue said...

Seems like there must be a business opportunity in that post somewhere! :-)

Jean Therapy said...

If you ever make it out to Boston, I will have to take you to Regina's Pizzeria for some of the best floppy slices you've ever had. And Kupels for bagels!

james wells said...

Preach on sister! The last decent slice of pizza I had was also at a S'barro in an airport, and that really is just so wrong. I love the kiwis and all, but there just should NOT be a giant swirl of BBQ sauce all over your pizza.

abby said...

NNNNOOOOOOOO! You can't call Sbarro good pizza! Fly out of JFK next time and make a side trip to Totono's in Coney Island. THAT's good pizza.


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