Kitty + Cupcakes = Calm

For nearly two years now, I knew that the best respite from no a good, very bad day was not planning my escape to Australia, but just checking out one of my fave sites, Now the research supports it! Hello Kitty, my life coach.
Juliet was telling me about an article she'd read that revealed the secret life of super high-powered female executives (like C-levels) who go home to pink frilly bedrooms, hello kitty, care bears and all things cute. For all the corporate toughness they have to present 9-5 (or probably 7-7 for today's workplace) it finds balance in super sugary softness at home.
And who can't find comfort in a cupcake? This NYT story ties the cupcake to social evolution:
" the modern age, the cupcake may be more American than apple pie — because nobody is baking apple pies.”
The emotional connection is one that even the PTA won't give up.
And if that fails, there's always a pep talk from Peyton Manning. I have faith, from the Mastercard commercials, that he'd support me, no matter what. He's cute, but Hello Kitty might have the edge.


Andra Sue said...

I especially liked the picture of the puppy with sand on his snout this week. :)

Moreover, now anytime I need a little stress relief, I can look down at my HK tattoo. Whew...

Jean Therapy said...

I'd say the same of true for head's of small businesses as well :)

I really have a soft spot in my heart for many things Hello Kitty and cartoon.


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