Time (Has Run) Out Chicago

This was a weekend full of the activities that I think I dreamed of when I first signed us up for a subscription to Time Out Chicago. Typically I find myself reading Time Out in bed, days late, after all the fun events, street fairs and exhibits have ended. It's a little depressing to flip through the pages and sign, "Oh, that would have been fun."
On Saturday though I was sitting on the grass in Grant Park listening to jazz music at Chicago's JazzFest. Much more diligent Time Out reader (and friend of Abby & David) Gen suggested the outing. We were bemused to observe that this is one summer festival where the median age is likely 50 years old, which is weird.
And thanks to Jason's mom we buzzed all around Chicago today on Segways for our City Segway Tour. This ended up being a good tour for us locals because the narated tour bit was light, but the ground covered was extensive. Past Millenium Park, through Grant Park (that's us in front of Buckingham Fountain - look Mom! No hands!), around the Museum Campus, up to the Planetarium, over to Northerly Island and back again. I only ran into Jason once, but I blame that on his haphazard zoom forward-stop suddenly pattern of driving the Segway. He will point out that shortly afterwards I had to jump off the Segway to stop its trajectory straight towards a stationary sign post.
The Segways are pretty remarkable: lean just a little forward and off you go! Just think about going backwards and your body leans back a little and you're backing up. Zooming up the looping walkways of the museum campus made me feel like I was on a carnival ride that had jumped the fairgrounds fence to rove the streets. Whheeee!
Sadly, time has run out of Chicago's three-day Labor Day weekend. We're going to toss some steak on the grill for a nice close to the weekend.


Andra Sue said...

Ooooooh, that looks like FUN!!!

Jean Therapy said...

They need to come up with a timeout Boston. I feel like there must be tons of fun stuff to do but I'm so out of the loop as to what they might be. A segway tour?? Now that's freakin' cool. I love the "no hands" pic too!

abby said...

Soon, soon I'll get my hands on one of those things! Looks like fun!


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