X Approaching the Limit of Forgetting

"In real life, I assure you, there is no such thing as algebra."
- Fran Lebowitz
(My Google homepage quote of the day.)

Ah, if only that were true, but I confess I have found application for algebra in real life. I wish that hadn't happened. But sadly, calculus never came in handy before I forgot every little lick of it.
It's also regrettable that despite being a History major, I rarely ace the Jeopardy category "US History." The beauty of the liberal arts major is its own curse: you know a lot of stuff, but not a whole lot about it.
I should read more. I recently suggested that Jason and I start our own book club, after watching Jon Stewart's interview with Alan Greenspan promoting his new book. (The interview had us both agreeing that the Daily Show should be an hour long. Bill Clinton's the guest tomorrow night! Best thing about Central time zone: not having to stay up so late to catch Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.)
During Greenspan's appearance I admitted that I really have no idea what it means when the Federal Reserve raises/lowers interest rates - a true sign of my security with Jason. I was impressed that he had the "how you would explain it to a fifth grader" explanation ready, probably due to all those hours he spends on Wikipedia.
Jason woke up one weekend morning and remarked, "You know, I stayed up until 3 am and I was reading the history of Skokie. Did you know the Nazis tried to march there?" This is the typical intriguing non-sequitur I get from my betrothed on a Saturday. So maybe I don't have to read, I can rely on him for a continual feed of trivial knowledge.
But this would mean a lifetime of humbling defeats in trivial pursuit ahead of me, especially for that darn orange slice of pie: sports & leisure. This would be unacceptable. (And unbearable for the inevitable gloating that would follow from Jason.)


Jean Therapy said...

For some reason the fact that he was up until 3am reading reminds me of the Claire I knew from high school...inquisitive and highly intelligent. It sounds like you've met your match lady!!

And if you and Jason decide to start a book club, please please please include me! I can attend meeting via speaker phone. I feel like my brain is leaking out of my head at the end of a day where the best intellectual stimulation I get is explaining how to properly care for expensive jeans. Oye!

And how amazing was Alan Greenspan? God I really respect that man!


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