"Fall"ing for the Marketing

After I'd placed both caramel apples and apple cider in our shopping cart, Jason griped, "I can't believe how much you're falling for the autumn marketing! Geez." I bit my tongue and hoped he wouldn't remember the mums I'd also bought and installed on our deck two days before. And the blazing orange silk chrysanthemum wreath I'd bought at Target three weeks ago.
I love fall. I used to be proud to secretly consider myself a child of the autumn, born in the fall season. Until I realized (and to my shame, this epiphany only occurred within the last five years) that my birthday really falls within the summer.
Autumn is too brief and beautiful. Crisp days. Vividly colored leaves. And all spent looking over your shoulder at winter chasing you down with its chilly temperatures.
I'm getting mini pumpkins soon too. They'll look very cute on our mantle. (Last year I learned that pumpkins on the deck is not feasible. The critters get to them and take little nibbles. I try to convince myself that "critters" means squirrels, but it's also possible that they're rats. ICK. But appropriately scary for Halloween, no?)
Of course, it'd be a little easier to get into the fall spirit, and prepare myself for the dreadful coming of winter, if it weren't like freaking 80 degrees everyday around here! Not to complain, I LOVE Indian Summers, but can it be considered an Indian Summer, if it never actually got cold? Very confusing. I don't know when to begin my grieving for warm weather, and start the greedy hoarding of days outside in warmish weather; it just seems like it's going to keep coming. I don't want to miss the wholehearted enjoyment of the summer days by starting my regretful yearning too soon, but it seems like it should be colder. Mother Nature is toying with me! (I shake my fist at her.)

(Yes, this was just a post about the weather.)


Andra Sue said...

Hah! 80 degrees sounds chilly to me. We also have been 10+ degrees above normal here for the past month almost...and I am SOOOOOO ready for Fall. I need to get some of those mini-pumpkins for my mantle! I saw them at Central Market the other day and was all, "Hmmmm...where could I put these..." I keep forgetting I have a fireplace now. Thanks for the tip. :)

Oh, and if it makes you feel any better...Mike trapped and released several rats from our attic this year. Icky, but it happens. I also pretend they are squirrels.

abby said...

Crazy news about having to cancel the marathon yesterday! I'm quite ready to need long sleeves.


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