Practicing Signing My New Name

I promised myself that in the countdown to our wedding this blog would not turn into the Bridezilla Bulletin. And so far it hasn't, and as yet I don't think I've been a monster. Yay.
Ok, I was a little short with the bridal gown store when the dress they promised would arrive on Sept 1 didn't come in until October 8th. But knowing that they still stood between me and possession of my gown, I backtracked with a sweet tone, explaining that I was certain (cheerful giggle) that they dealt with many nervous brides... and (changing to my firm corporate warrior voice:) I'd appreciate it if they'd call me as soon as the dress arrived. I had my first dress fitting today.
Tonight I've been cruising my iTunes library looking for possible songs to add to our wedding reception playlist. (Wedding reception to take place next spring, because I love most of my family members too much to invite them to come to Chicago in the winter.) There are two revelations I've had during this exercise:
1. I have more music than I will ever listen to. 11.2 days worth of music. Where was digital music when I was in college when I was listening to the same rotation of 5 CDs over and over again? (And the fact that the stereo had an auto replay for these CDs was a real bragging right.) Dad would have certainly preferred driving one laptop across Pennsylvania to Ohio, instead of my heavy box of CDs, crammed into the full car trunk with my other college supplies.
2. There are a number of songs that are really not right for weddings. The Divorce Song by Liz Phair is one. ITunes ironically then advanced to play Evil by Interpol right after that. The title is worse than the lyrics, which make little to no sense. Other songs deceive you with their spirited rollicking melodies (Fool in the Rain, by OAR & Robert Randolph), but it turns out the words are all about breaking up.
And if you promised you'd love so completely
And you said you would always be true
You swore that you would never leave me, baby:
What ever happened to you?
Thinking of a wedding playlist means critically listening the lyrics. With my over-60-year-old aunts and uncles in the audience, will they be offended by Timbaland's lyrics? (This begs the question, at this age, is the "Parental Warning" a caution against playing the song for people who are your parent's age?)
One of the planning details I have also eschewed (in addition to finding a live DJ - substituted for by an iPod) is the elaborate cake. (A friend reported that he paid nearly $2,000 for his wedding cake! Yikes.) But after stumbling across a wedding cake topper website it seems like I might be missing out on quite a number of fanciful wedding cake topper options. All further wedding blog posts will feature another extraordinary wedding cake topper. First in the series featured above. This little fellow seems be struggling under the weight of his betrothed. (They get a lot weirder, trust me.)


Andra Sue said...

That wedding cake topper is creepy. We just had lots of roses, swirls, gold dragees and ribbon on ours...the main concern was that it tasted good. :)

When's the actual "big day", btw?

Claire said...

Wedding Day is December 12th, with just 4 guests in Hawaii!

Jean Therapy said...

Yay for cake and yay for weddings!

Anonymous said...

NPR has a story for everthing.

Claire said...

Did you mean this: Designing Non-Traditional Wedding Cake Toppers ?
I hope this link works, or less we'll look like a really technically challenged family.


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