Someone Who Makes Me Laugh

It was predictable, in my former days, that every other profile would include the request, under the "who I'm interested in meeting" banner, that the desired match be "someone who makes me laugh." I was probably guilty too, as I seem to remember my profile mentioning something about a sense of humor.
So, I do enjoy the moments where I catch myself laughing at something that Jason has done. Like the purchasing decision behind our new iron.
Our old iron was beginning to turn on us in its old age. Just like when you visit someone's house and move to pet their cat, before being cautioned, "She's old... and mean," as the mangy cat sneers at you and lifts a taloned paw, the old iron was leaving weird rusty water spots on shirts, inevitably when it was already late and I wanted to go to bed with the reassurance that the next day's outfit was ready and waiting for the morning. Or for Jason, when he was in his sprint to catch the morning's train.
I had mused aloud about wanting a new iron. It should have a retractable cord. It should also be automatic shut-off, offering the same security against fire hazards that a clean, pressed outfit hanging on the door knob of the closet offers against sleepless nights and morning-preparedness anxiety.
Seeking to be ultra efficient in our Target shopping the other weekend, Jason and I split up to grab items on the shopping list. I picked up garbage bags. On the way to grab cat treats, Jason found himself in the iron aisle to cross another needed item off the list. We proceeded to check out and on the way home.
As I unpacked the new iron to use it for the first time, I laughed aloud. Jason appeared to have bought the Camaro of irons. Red with a shiny chrome body. This was very possibly *the* iron meant to appeal to the male buyer. It's called "The Shark." A domestic tool, named for a carnivorous fish.* But I could not argue with his choice. He had thoughtfully remembered, 1. retractable cord, 2. auto shut-off. This covered the "must be considerate" part of the match profile.

* All the more funny as Jason has asked me at least twice if I think it will be safe for us to swim in Hawaii, since the waters have more sharks than anywhere else in the United States.


Andra Sue said...

Does it have a nice teflon ironing surface? And an acceptable number of steam holes? Those are the most important features in my opinion. And I am jealous of your retractable cord...nice work, Jason! :)

Jean Therapy said...

Shark products rock! Jason did good! I have a Shark handvac for the store and when I bust it out, dust bunnies know I mean business. No joke.

I love the idea that it's a brand set on appealing to men b/c I have to admit, I do feel like a toughie when I use my little shark handvac.

Um as for the iron, the last time I ever used one was perhaps six years again?! Oye, I wouldn't even know where to start.


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