Temporary Decorating

Inspired by the ideas from one of my favorite websites, ApartmentTherapy.com, I experimented with Blik, temporary wall art. It did indeed inspire the reflection that with as settled as we're getting in our apartment, we might as well buy it.

The temporary wallart, which is essentially a decal, offered a small escape from our monotonous white walls. (The first thing I'd do if we purchased would be to speed down to Home Depot or Lowes and pick up a handful of paint swatches to give some color to our interior.)

I hung a two-dimensional chandelier in our bathroom. I like how this gives some intention the black & white tile. (Like if we had had the choice we might have picked those tiles.) Above the tub, this colorful flocking. As you can see, I had to discipline myself not to get carried away and stick decals up all over.

For more inspiration for living in small spaces you might not own, I recommend "Small Spaces, Big Style" on HGTV. (Our new Tivo figured out I like this show pretty quickly.) There are no "great rooms" on this show.

It's fairly typical on each episode that some resident, wearing their quirky eyeglasses and v-neck sweater, pulls a small knob on the wall, explaining, "And this is the closet where I sleep," and voila, a bed tumbles from the wall. Last episode I saw a bed that was cantilevered from the wall, and lit with white lights from underneath.


Andra Sue said...

Those are really interesting, I like 'em!

Jean Therapy said...

I love apt. therapy! And as a result am familiar with blik as well. I've been tempted many times to buy some wall decals but afraid they might look cheesy as hell. But yours rock! Very cool looking and I think using them in the bathroom was a nice idea. I'll need to revisit the idea of using blik for my lil apt. too.

Thanks for the inspiration :)


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