Toast Test

It's not really that hard, but making French Toast falls under the category of one of the "simplest things I've never really learned how to do." (Driving stick shift is another.)
This weekend we were visiting friends and family in C'bus, and enjoyed a scrumptious breakfast, complete with thick yummy slices of french toast. We have declared this friend's house our new favorite bed & breakfast in Ohio. Or even just breakfast, if we don't sleep there, because the award for best napping nook went to Jason's mom's living room couches where all three of us fell asleep after a day of running from grandparent to grandparent's house in the heat of this weird October.
It was Jason's mother who we had to call the first and last time that Jason and I felt the whim to make french toast. We had eggs in the bowl and knew the bread had to be dipped in it and then put on the skillet, but something (or things) were missing. (Milk, vanilla, cinnamon.)
I blame this lack of domestic knowledge for going to a high school that taught classes like "Concepts of Justice" instead of Home Ec. I don't think I'd even make it for the GED version of Home Ec right now. As for Jason, he did have Home Ec, but must not have been paying much attention.
When did french toast become Texas toast, by the way? I've noticed this is another name for garlic bread too. Was this another result of the post 9-11 jingoism and John Kerry hating? Was it revised when french fries also became freedom fries?


Andra Sue said...

All "Texas Toast" means is that the bread is sliced thick. And I guess it's usually white bread. Both are are reasons why it often shows up in French Toast and Garlic Bread.

In my opinion, however, Brioche makes the best French Toast. Yuuuuuuuuum!

Jean Therapy said...

Mmm, french toast! When you get a more advanced French Toast degree, I'll share this recipe I found for French Toast stuffed with strawberries and cream cheese. It looks divine and I think once you mastered french toast, it shouldn't be hard, and no I'm not joking.

I think any egg-y based bread makes great French Toast so brioche, challah, croissants all work (soaks up the egg mix really well but don't let it soak for very long or you'll get fried egg toast).

Personally, I like my toast to kinda bite back so I like sour dough. But as my friends can atest, I use sour dough for almost anything including my grilled paninis.

Again I say come to Boston. I'll make breakfast!


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