30 Days

In 30 days we'll be getting married. Well, providing Jason and I don't annoy the heck out of each other. Just 30 days left of being "single." Quotes because we've been attached for years already, with shared furniture and a two-year-old cat to prove it.
The cat was the first real tangible long-term commitment. I remember looking at our new little mewing kitten, as Jason teased him into falling in somersaults over his scratching post, and thinking to myself, "Shoot, this little guy might be around for 18 years. We'll be nearly 50 by then." It was like an accidental pact that we had to stick together for our little furball. (Wait, am I kidding myself? Did Teedie even notice I was gone all last week?)
A friend pointed out that I could start packing for Hawaii already, since none of the clothing I'd wear there would be appropriate for here. But no black fleece. Ever. Again.
We've made a small effort at a registry (Crate & Barrel and about 2 things at Bed, Bath & Beyond.) It's easy to get a little giddy with the scanning gun. "Yes, let's get that too!" It's just about things I want, not about stuff I have to buy myself. The headiness of retail euphoria. But I still haven't found the right towels, or exactly the right pots and pans.
It's crazy how expensive these housewares are, it gives me second thoughts about the adequacy of my pot and pan collection. The most recent addition was a pot that Grandma gave me, which might have been abandoned as someone moved out of a neighboring apartment in her building. Grandma can make sure that household goods get a chance at a life nearly as long as hers. And every time I call she tells me I have to come and pick up a bag of more treasures she has waiting for me: a good winter coat, kitchen towels, good fabric.
But the gift-giving can go on until our Chicago reception in June, so I guess there's no reason to rush into a hasty bed or bath (or beyond) decision.
I wonder if anyone would mind if I just maintained the registry after we get married too?


Jean Therapy said...

That's awesome! Any real butterflies in the stomach yet?

For a minute I thought it was going to be a post about that stupid horror movie, 30 Days of Night (sadly, I'll admit to seeing it on Halloween).

PS...get your cute little tooshie on facebook! Seems Kris Denzel is trying to rally the troops for an AFS homecoming :P

Andra Sue said...

Oh my gosh...it's getting SO close! Yay!

As for your registry comment--I think it's pretty common these days to keep it open for several years after you get married. Shoot, I have a friend that's been married for like 5 years and still maintains her registry at Crate & Barrel!

p.s. What's SO wrong with black fleece? I love the one I have from REI and wear it all the time, fashion "don't" or not! Heh.


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