Breaking News: Our Ship is Sunk

Or at least listing, in chilly Antarctic waters.

I was a little shocked to open my NYT home page and read that the Antarctic Cruise ship, the Explorer, had to be evacuated after hitting (of course) an iceberg. After double checking photos from me and Juliet's 2002 cruise to Antarctica I confirmed that this was our ship. Talk about good timing! (Although Juliet and I had rocked the evacuation and life safety drill, being the only passengers who actually put on our coats and strapped up the life jackets. Yes, we felt like nerds when we arrived on deck to see that everyone else was treating the drill as a mere, boring formality, holding their jackets on their hips.)

It's apparent in reading the details that the tour company that we trusted with our polar safety had sold the ship to another company. So there should be no retrospective worrying from relatives reading this post!

Here are a few photos from better days on the Explorer, including me doing my bit to look out for icebergs and my time on the bridge, where I remember the first mate advising that lots of ships hit icebergs, but very rarely sink. Everyone just thinks of the Titanic. (I walked away from that conversation feeling just a wee bit unsettled by the nonchalance of our crew regarding icebergs, but had to figure they knew what they were doing.)

The last photo credit goes to Juliet, and I've always found it striking - particularly in its contrast to what happened to the Explorer today.


abby said...

I think that I have a postcard from that ship! The picture on the cover of the Times was very dramatic.

Andra Sue said...

You look like a dashing world explorer in that picture! Tally ho!


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