Lost in LA

Despite the glamorous sound of it, "week-long photo shoot in Los Angeles" complete with stops in Beverly Hills and West Hollywood, it was like a bad camping trip. Cold, overcast and lots of time just standing around outside and waiting. Nibbling on nuts and granola too.
The weather forecast promised 70 degrees plus all week. After checking this, I considered taking some of the warmer items out of of my bag and throwing in flip flops. I'm glad I didn't, since my co-worker and I spent out first night in Los Angeles at the Nordstrom Rack sifting through the hangers for warm cardigans and hoodies. It was ~50 degrees everyday.
I hoped to meet up with future sister-in-law Courtney who lives in San Diego. Consider this my "late year's resolution" to take advantage of business trips that take me closer to friends and family. But after I realized that asking someone to drive from San Diego to LA is like asking them to drive from Philadelphia to NYC, and Courtney had scheduling challenges at work, we called it off. We'll see each other next month anyway in Hawaii, where the commute will be just a short beach hop.
That's where I was this past week, lost in Los Angeles. Wearing the same darn black fleece jacket every single day, and bundled underneath with layers of whatever I could find in my suitcase.
I am ready to burn that fleece. I considered this sleeker alternative at the North Face store on Michigan Avenue last night. Walked away without purchasing though, now suffering second thoughts!


Andra Sue said...
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Andra Sue said...

It's not just you...EVERY blessed time I go to LA, especially West LA or Santa Monica, it's COLD and DAMP and downright icky. The people that live there call it "the marine layer" or "June gloom"...no matter which darn month it is! And they all claim, "it isn't usually like this." Hah! Whateverrrrr.

Jean Therapy said...

I think we all have those things in our closets, something that is so functional and comfortable but absolutely mortifyingly hideous.

For example, I went out one morning for my flu shot in a blue plaid flannel shirt, an REI polorfleece jacket (the color of dirty grass) and olive colored crocs. It was early so I figured I wouldn't run into anyone I knew but I was scared the entire time I would.


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