No Turkey, Because I'm Chicken

Thanksgiving looms, the supermarket shelves more full than usual in anticipation of us all tromping in with our 3x longer shopping lists. Jason and I will be in Chicago, leaving me with the first Thanksgiving dinner to cook.
Yes, I could take this opportunity to do a test run of the full turkey, in anticipation of years future where the family meal responsibility will come to me (not if my relatives are savvy, but it could happen.) I think I'd have the Butterball hotline on speaker all day, and in fear of undercooking the bird, I'd probably have a dry meat coming out of the oven. And then there's this thing about "tenting" the turkey? Or injecting it? (Do I have to ask my local hospital ER if I may borrow a syringe?) I don't even know which side is the breast side of the turkey!
The injecting part is kind of wickedly cool though.

Baby steps. Which is why this Thanksgiving we will be enjoying (fingers crossed!) cornish hens. Like a mini turkey, so much less intimidating. Look at the pictures, and you'll agree.
I figured a 20 lb turkey is a ridiculous undertaking for two people anyway, but with cornish hens we still get the carnivore's delight of eating something that still looks like the bird it once was, rather than a thick slice of turkey breast that I got at the deli counter.

I have my shopping list, and today I head to the store.



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