The Snaps from Spain

After my last post, you might have been given the impression that I'd collapsed into the bed in my Madrid hotel room and slept right through my flight home. Or, due to the office aggravation, decided to stay abroad and never come home.
I'm home, with my tourist photos to share. As is the case with a solo traveler, you'll see more photos that I took, than photos that were actually taken of me. There's only so many times you can ask strangers to snap your photo until you begin to look like a narcissist. But you will see my having a go at tasting sauteed pigs' ears.
The photos of our flamenco dinner don't do the driving incessant rhythms any justice, of course. I had to remind myself to put the camera down and soak up the experience, because the photos would never be as good as the moment. One of my co-workers who had researched our destination more than me, explained that the guys who clap the rhythm for the dancers purposefully clap out of sync so there's a constant clapping fueling the rhythm of the dancer's jack hammer tapping footsteps. 'Dancing with the Stars' cannot compare.
It's unfortunate that I couldn't take photos of the inside of the Royal Palace which is luxurious and rich in its interiors. For example, the walls of The Porcelain Room are entirely clad in fine porcelain china. (Follow the link and you'll see that not everyone follows the no photo rule.)
Similarly, although photos were permitted "sin flash" in the Cathedral at Toledo, I realized that there was no way the grandeur of the place could be captured in the aperture of my point-and-shoot digital camera. It was built in 1226! But you can see my efforts, nonetheless. Toledo was a fascinating side trip, where the history of the place was apparent in every crevice and cobblestone. The entire city is a registered UNESCO World Heritage site. The streets are narrow and winding; the balcony of your across the street neighbor is just three feet away from yours. I read in my guidebook that staying the night in Toledo is worthwhile, because the tourist buses (like the one I rode in on) leave and the town goes back to its quiet historic serenity. Next time.


Andra Sue said...

What beautiful photos! I especially loved the ones of Toledo--it does indeed look like an ancient city.

And Tapas? Yuuuuum. Well, except perhpas for the pig ears...


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