Super Yuck

I usually think of those people who claim to suffer from "Seasonal Affective Disorder" (SAD) as melodramatic. Ok, there are people who really have a problem, but I think the others might just be looking for attention. Same goes for the many lactose intolerant and those who can't ride in the backseat of cars without whining of nausea. I carry a particular suspicion towards the last group that dates back to carpooling in grade school. The front passenger seat is a coveted position, and how convenient that a medical condition should necessitate your sitting there, instead of in the cramped back seat with empty soda cans and odd shoes rolling around on the floor?

This week has me contemplating my own fallibility though, because it's just been a glum week. Rainy. Foggy. Dark. And it's getting to me.
Tonight we might even get snow.
There has been the small consolation that my boss offered the "work at home" option today. Yay for telecommuting! I did not leave the apartment all day... but that might also be contributing to the feeling of isolation and too many thoughts trapped in my head today.



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