My Own VW Ad?

I hate those VW ads, where there are folks my age(ish) in the car bantering and then "WHOOMPF! Crash!" Their VW is all smashed up and they are standing on the corner in dumbstruck surprise.
As Slate explains,
"The spots capture that out-of-nowhere moment at the heart of all accidents, when everyday mundanity flashes into a hyper-intense freak-out explosion. The ads also hint at an accident's aftermath: hours of jittery detachment."

Much was the same Friday night as me and three girlfriends jumped into a taxi for a pre-weddding girls' night out. (Can't call it a bachelorette, that brings to mind images of me hanging out the sunroof of a limosine, half-empty champagne bottle in one hand, homemade veil on my head, screaming in an ugly way.)
We began the evening at a small lingerie shop in Chicago, which was opened for our own little private party. My friend had even remembered that I loved sparkling wine, so we had two bottles of pink bubbling wine.
After packaging up our goodies, we were in the cab on the way to dinner, recounting our purchases, and those items we left on the store hangers, in carefree and giggling conversation, when the taxi came to a loud, jolting stop.
I looked up, "What happened?!" I exclaimed as I saw the side of a white SUV directly in front of the cab, and then, in slow motion, the SUV was tipping over, and coming to rest where we were staring at its underside. And it was very still and quiet, as we each breathed deeply and then asked, "Are you all right?" "Are you all right?"
Our taxi hit an SUV which had made a poor choice to cross into our path at a stop sign. (Our taxi had right of way, with no stop sign.)
Suffice to say, girls night out came to an abrupt end, just like in the VW ads. Each of my girlfriends emerged from the taxi with nothing worse than a smart little goose egg on their foreheads. Being the only one who wore her seatbelt, I was better off; I had no bump. I do have a heck of a muscle ache in my neck and shoulders, and woke up with a nagging headache, and discovered a small black and blue mark on my knee this morning in the shower. The neck pain is alleviated nicely by a heating pad, and I am very, very grateful for being so well off after an accident. It's very remarkable that an accident impactful enough to tip over a truck can leave each of us with just small bruises and strains.

Even the guy in the SUV stood up, in his now perpendicular-to-the-street vehicle, and walked out through the back window of his car. Cab driver was fine too.
Of course the loud and rather dramatic looking accident brought a flurry of police and firemen and an ambulance. I think I snapped angrily at some bystander who assumed that it was the girls who were driving the SUV that had made the driving error. "You girls were driving the truck?" "NO!" I said incredulously, rolled my eyes and huffed. The bystander skulked away.
Later, one of the cops called to us from across the intersection where he was standing next to the damaged cab, to clarify, "Were you the ones in the taxi?" We nodded.
"The meter's still running," he said with a wry note.


Jean Therapy said...

Car accidents, no matter how small, are scary. I'm glad that noone was hurt. And I'm also glad you were at least able to get at least two bottles of pink bubbly out of the night before it ended.

Claire said...

Indeed. And Jason's theory: a good thing we'd had some bubbly as we were likely looser and less reactive, not bracing for the impact. Maybe.
Thanks for the sympathy.

Andra Sue said...

How awful! Not to mention that someone elses stupid driving ruined your special night. Thank goodness everyone walked away (relatively) injury free. And I concur with Leah about the bubbly!


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