Would You Like Something to Read While You Wait?

Since I'll be out of pocket* for the next week, I want to share a couple of delightful design & style blogs I've discovered in the past week. Perhaps you'd like to read them while you wait for me to come back.

Oh Happy Day: Design and simplicity, "updated daily with pretty things", like advent calendars which I have adored since childhood. Not to get ahead of myself, but I can't wait to have kids and torture them with anticipation of Christmas with this little tradition! (But it's just all the other things about kids, like: labor, temper tantrums, figuring out childcare arrangements, less time to ourselves, adolescence, that moderate my procreation urge.)

Love Made Visible: This is a girl who I wish as I had as a best friend (read: free stylist.) We'd go shopping together, she'd tell me what looked good on me, as well as what fits my personal style.** Too bad, but she's doesn't update as frequently as 'Oh Happy Day.' Maybe it's because her other real friends are dragging her out shopping. But she took me online shopping, and I'm seriously considering one of these posters from Ork.

* When I first heard the term "out of pocket" I couldn't figure if it meant available or unavailable. At first I thought, "Oh, if you're taking someone 'out of pocket' it means that you're taking them out to USE them, like a set of keys, so they are available." I have learned that it's the opposite. Does anyone know if there's some esoteric origin of this term that helps it make sense?
** Working in Marketing, I've heard two different bosses coach me on developing and presenting my "personal brand." Claire Brand Hallmarks include: Diet Coke, being 'buttoned up' and knowing my information, enthusiasm tempered by maybe too much pragmatism (today's little coaching lesson), and a big backpack. My co-worker/friend tells me that a unique and extensive jewelry is also part of the Claire brand. I like that part. (I am so coveting this "peacock" necklace from Sundance catalog too. "Evokes the iridescent shimmer of a peacock’s plumage." Mr. Year-End Bonus may have found his purpose. Thank you, Mr. Year-End Bonus!)


Andra Sue said...

You could SO make that necklace and save your bonus. Thanks for the design blog links--coincidentallly I've been looking for some lately.


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