This might be my first blizzard. It's scheduled to arrive tonight. This is not just the exaggerated claim, "ooooh, it's a blizzard out there!" No, legitimately a little message ran across the bottom of the TV screen and a shrill beep interrupted 24 to advise me that a blizzard warning is in effect.
I understand, primarily from the alarmed hearsay of my co-workers, that what particularly defines a blizzard is high winds and blowing snow. Maybe really low temperatures too.
(I thought the photo above from was adorable. But thankfully our building has a guy that does a rocking job on shoveling up.)
Leaving me to shop for Jamaica vacations from my couch. And the right attire too.


JCK said...

are you guys going to Jamaica?? Sounds like a great idea. Did the Mister get his passport?

Claire said...

I am considering Jamaica. Or anywhere sunny and beachy.

And F_I_N_A_L_L_Y Jason got in line for his passport today. I am packing his bags tonight. ;)


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