Bon Voyage

I have to prepare you (handful of loyal readers), that the blogging may be light in the coming days.
In the next two weeks I'll be in two states and one different country: Florida, North Carolina and Canada. Unfortunately the trips to Florida and NC land me nowhere near the family in either state (Ashville being far from Durham, and Fort Lauderdale far from Tampa.)
I am excited by the green satellite picture of Asheville alone, and that one poetic cloud in the sky.

And I've been practicing for Montreal by greeting my peers, "Bonjour!" However, I may need more than a couple words to get by, so I'll be peering through the shelves of my bookcases to see if there's a French phrase book anywhere.

I've been to Montreal once before and the language barrier wasn't any trouble, but I remember being mistaken for a French speaker. When someone greets me 'Bonjour!' I am happy to reply 'Bonjour!' even if this is where my French begins and ends.

I think it's polite to try to speak as much of the native language as you can manage without offending anyone. But it's misleading for hotel clerks and waitresses. The joy of these upcoming trips: the climate -- and therefore clothes to pack -- are totally different, so I can start putting aside for both trips simultaneously, without trying to figure out how to get to the dry cleaner in between. (This is the glass half full!)



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