Coming Home to This

I'm not a big candle fan (childhood fear of fire.) But this candle is the yummiest scent. Not too floral or fruity. Instead it's poetically introduced as "...mysterious, big and indulgent. Combining addictive absinthe with Persian lime, precious Kashmir woods, and midnight Jasmine, Black Fig is a sensory explosion that blends the ancient world with a modern day experience."

It's the scent that I wish greeted me as I walked into my bedroom at the end of day, or every hotel room I ever check into. (It has occurred to me that if I were wealthier, I do have a little bit of 'crazy rich lady' whims like this that are just ready to become demands of my staff.)

More scents here, but Black Fig is really the best. I told Jason I'd have to find some employee selling discounted damaged ones on eBay though, because the price is out of hand.


Jean Therapy and Therapy said...

May I suggest Voluspa candles as well? We carry them at my shop, Therapy and they are fantastic! Great scents and wonderful price points too :)


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