Going to Great Lengths

A short fashion post, about an issue of length. Pant length, specifically.

I recently realized that probably a lot of my pants were too short. I think I discovered this after the foot surgery had me reaching for flats more often than heels. (I still stand by my position that bunions are driven by genetics, but admittedly the heels probably didn't help.)

In flats, suddenly my pants were the length I wanted, with the hem of the pant leg breaking over the front of my foot, the back just a whisper away from the ground.

Here's why it matters (as much as fashion can matter, this isn't world peace): "Covering up your shoe, but allowing your toes to peep through will elongate your leg and make you look slimmer. This is flattering for any body type, at any age and any height. That’s why it is stylish to keep those pant lengths perfect." (Thanks to AndraSue for the guidance.)

After learning the lesson, I nearly laughed aloud at the Banana Republic website, featuring pants clearly paired with heels that were too high. BR fell in my esteem. Who was in charge of this photoshoot? Had the stylist called out sick and left the photographer's assistant to choose shoes? Actual explanation is here: turns out it's because those poor models have to wear the sizes made for us ordinary (short) people. But still you'd think they'd pick a shorter heel to compensate.


Andra Sue said...

Ooooh...and those "bad" pants from BR look really baaaaaaaad, don't they? I have a similar issue with pants, athough I am constantly, and consciously, trying to correct it. I think I generally do okay.

Being 5'4", though, it seems I am right in the middle...almost always too tall for petites, yet still too short for regular. I suppose I ought to follow the sage advice of Stacy and Clinton on WNTW and take everything in for alterations. Booo to that, I say!


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