So What Are You Thinking About?

Frankly, the problem with a blog is that you know my every thought and musing. You know what my cat looks like now that he's in his third year, and joined by a little sister. What I had for dinner, the last pair of shoes I bought, and the sport I think will finally help me discover my latent athletic talent. (I don't think it's going to be skiing.)

But I know so little about you ...and what your favorite reality tv show is nowadays. It's like the ultimate monologue. It can make a girl feel a little lonely sometimes, pacing the stage wondering who's out there in the dark theater seats.

I took my RealAge test recently, and was surprised that one of the factors making you younger is the number of personal connections you have and how often you connect with them. I wondered if reading someone's blog counts, since there are people I don't even know but I keep up with them and their vacations and costume parties. Does it count if someone reading is reading mine?

Happily, with or without counting blogging, I am apparently a year and a half younger than my chronological age. I attribute this to fruits and vegetables. But I need to lift some weights once in a while.



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